We’ll save you money.
You save the planet.

Access cheap wholesale energy prices and boost the renewable energy revolution.


How we save you $$$

Short answer:
We cut out the middle man.

We give you the technology to take back the power (from your retailer). The transparency to manage it. And the power to make more renewable energy a reality.

How we help you save the planet...

The more you use it, the more there is.

By using our app you will always know where your power is coming from!

When there is lots of wind and solar power being produced, wholesale prices are typically low.

By shifting some of your energy usage to times when cheaper, renewable energy is available, you can save hundreds.

In doing so, you are also building demand for more renewable energy projects to be built.

It's cheaper and greener energy.

The ultimate win/win.

The best damn deal in town...

So what’s in it for us?

Our mission is a 100% renewable energy for Australia.

We pass through the real-time wholesale price of energy for a $15 per month subscription fee, so you can use power when cheap renewables are generating.

It’s easy to make the switch

In just 3 minutes and 3 steps, you can make a huge impact on Australia’s transition to 100% renewables.

All you have to do is sign up online, with your billing information and ID at the ready.
We contact your current provider to arrange a seamless switch (you won’t lose power at any point).
You enter a 10 day cooling off period, during which you can easily switch back to your old retailer if you change your mind.
Unlike other energy retailers, Amber makes exactly $0 on your energy usage. We’re so committed to this mission that our $15 monthly subscription fee is our only margin for running the business.
per month

Join the renewable energy revolution today!

Wholesale energy WHILE saving the planet? Sign me up!

Sign up today!

It only takes 5min to start your transfer to Amber.  We take care of your disconnection so you don’t have to!

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